local delivery

alive oak wood co delivers to the dallas ft. worth metroplex.  we do not offer shipping at this time.  delivery will be coordinated between AOWC and the buyer.  the $30 delivery charge will be credited back to the buyer after purchase on orders for $500 or more.  if you live in north texas and the zip code check is not allowing you to proceed to checkout, let us know and we'll update our database.  

build time

at the time an order is placed, the process to build and finish a piece is about 2-4 weeks although certain build details may require more time.  

hardwood furniture care

seasonal wood movement will likely occur as the temperature and humidity conditions change.  overtime this may cause the wood to stress in different directions.  our building techniques account for this although some movement is expected.  using howard feed-n-wax wood polish and conditioner once per year can help reduce stress caused by seasonal wood movement.

as the steel frame is bolted through the baseboard and upper storage of the garment rack, periodically check the nuts to ensure they are tightened.  

when moving a garment rack, we recommend removing all apparel and items from the rack and have one person on each side grabbing both the steel frame and the baseboard.  keeping the piece upright prevents the weight of the frame from loosening the bolts.

variations in grain pattern is to be expected between pieces.  each piece of furniture has its own character and is unique in nature.

returns & cancellations

once the payment is received, a buyer may cancel or adjust the order within 3 days without incurring additional charges.  please reach out to us directly to adjust an order.  all orders are non-refundable after 3 days.  

AOWC reserves the right to cancel any order placed and issue a full refund to the buyer.